Feng shui

Feng shui (Chinese: 風水) is specialized in studying the theory of the influence of wind direction, direction of air, water circuit to the life of the human being art. Feng shui is not a single factor but a combination of factors series terrain around housing, village, city or graves, wind direction, water flow and coordinates the direction, shape, texture, Construction ground space. Feng shui involves sand hung, graphic happiness, life prematurely, the same message of personnel.

Cat was certainly right feng shui, feng shui hung surely be inappropriate. Interment letter written book: "Funeral to choose where vitality. Business writing: Gas encountered wind (feng) surely agree, having water (shui) stop, stop. Old people do not so agree and gas gathering, water has foothold ". Hence the name is "feng shui". Two letters feng shui method also only search and selection refuge or burial auspicious wealth, happy life in peace, that is feng shui. Like all branches of science and technology in Asia other traditional, also based on the feng shui point of care, yin and yang, the five elements.

Tse Yin and Yang Tse

Feng shui is divided into two areas:

Tse Yin:

As the land used to bury the dead, called tombs. Feng shui said that if the deceased is buried in a good soil of feng shui will transmit mercy for the next generations.

Yang Tse:

As the land is used for the purpose of housing, temples, pagodas and shrines, hamlets, villages, towns and cities. Ocean trạch harmony with nature, with nice environment, make people see playful, healthy, happy. Yang Tse good environment that is good. The ancients conceived of a human destiny depends not only on the person themselves (ie hour day, month and year of birth) but also under the influence of negative and positive part owner should have the "First grave, Second room, three bowls themselves. ".

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