About Us

PALM is an international landscape design, urban design and planning firm. Founded by Mr. Thanh Nguyen in 2006, we have been creating hundreds of projects and have been becoming a reliable partner to the most of big investors on real estate development for many years. We work to integrate procedures and systems into environments across all scales, from the urban pocket-park to the regional ecological plans.

We believe that landscape architecture can enable positive change in communities through the creation of a sustainable living environment where people can fully harmonize into nature. We always research all the aspects of projects carefully such as ecosystem diversity, cultural traditions, residents, and social history, with the ultimate goal of connecting people and create a dynamic and adaptive future landscape.


Thanh Nguyen

President - Architect

Thai Anh

CEO - Architect

Hue Le

CCO - Chief Customer Officer

Linh Tran

CDO - Designer

Thuy Nguyen

CDO - Architect

Truong Le

CD - Landscape Architect

Trang Le

Senior Planning Architect

Thuy Ngo

Sale Manager

Ngan Tang

Business Development

Awards & Certificates


The 2018 National Architectural Awards Council announced the results of outstanding projects in the areas of architecture, planning, landscape design ...

Palm's Lac Viet sea ecotourism area project received the silver category of landscape design. The design concept was inspired by the MILKY WAY, with each functional area corresponding to one element of the eniverse on how to create and shape creativity, with sustainable green elements as the key for iconic design, are values that bring success to the project. Read more...


Certified by the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), SEC’s certification, a globally renowned organization, recognizes quality and environmentally friendly products.


SGBC’s certification helps to raise awareness about green products and services, SGBC aims to develop products and services in the construction industry to become more environmentally friendly and create a positive impact on buildings to form our habitat.

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