Construction greenroof with drainage cell


Drainage cell GrasCell DC30 is a product made from high-quality recycled polypropylene used for a roof garden. It is also UV resistant, which extends the life of the product when it is used outdoors. It is used to replace the traditional granite aggregates in the roofing system, so it reduces the load on the roof and prevents flooding. It also acts of protection layer for the waterproofing layer while improving the thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Construction Engineering Garden on the roof with GrasCell DC30 drainage cell

GrasCell DC 30 with Greenroof

The GrasCell DC30 drain mat has a surface permeability bigger than 65% that increases the drainage capacity of the irrigation water. Gaps inside the mat allow the small streams of water to flow more natural the soil, which gives them more accessible access to the roof drain holes.

Tấm thoát nước vườn trên mái GrasCell DC30

The GrasCell® DC30 is a high strength, interlocking, drainage grids. These product properties help withstand loads of soil, vegetation, and pedestrian loads. Thanks to its small thickness, we can use more land and use many plant species, and it makes the landscape look more vivid.

Tấm thoát nước vườn trên mái GrasCell DC30

Tấm thoát nước vườn trên mái GrasCell DC30

Applies to the following areas: Roof garden, Stairs and parking Retaining walls, Basement walls, Sports grounds and parks, Tunnels and burial sites, Cover the drainage hole, Water filtration system for Ponds, Lakes, Swimming pools.

GrasCell DC30’s drainage cell advantages

- Airy surface up to 95% improves drainage capacity when irrigated.

- Compression Strength 130 tones/m2.

- Easy to install.

- Reuse and recycling do not affect the environment.

- Can be used for a green roof, basement drainage, sports yard.

Palm Landscape Rapid urbanization process and climate changes are a driving force for the growing urban green movement. The green roofs and green walls are essential components of this movement. The green wall transforms a space and creates a green environment while the green roofs enhance the quality of life of the community.

Palm Landscape: As experienced in designing: roof gardens, gardens, landscapes, we are using thePlanterCell® products from Singapore, these are made from recycled polypropylene. We will propose a complete and professional green solution for your home!

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