• Sky Garden
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Sky Garden green roof project has been designed and built by Palm Landscape, is a Penthouse apartment located on the 30th floor of R2 building in Royal City Hanoi. The apartment is designed in a luxurious, elegant and classy architecture combined with sophistication, comfort and modernity.

    With a luxurious design, Palm Landscape has created an artistic exchange space for homeowners. With minimal space and outdoor parties for about 20 people to exchange and perform art.

    Here green trees, beautiful country music sounds along with vines, the light of colorful family festivals, etc.

    Product: GrasCell DC30 

    Material: Recycle PP

    Size: 500x500x30mm

    Compressive Strength: 130 tones/m2

    Water Discharge: 16.5 l/m2.s

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