• Vinhomes Riverside Villa Hanoi
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Here we use Plantercell 170 Mini tray and install the RainBird USA automatic watering system.

    In the automatic drip irrigation system, we designed so that Plantercell 170 Mini could be mounted on the tree tray; watering at each irrigation hose is evenly spread, which helps the plant grow better.

    RainBird controller installed with the watering schedule during the day as well as in the week is very flexible. It integrates rain sensor to identify certain rainfall without watering trees to avoid flooding in rainy days.

    Product: PlanterCell 170 Mini

    Material: Recycled PP

    Size: 170x175x200 mm

    Weight: 0.27 kg/unit

    Water Storage: 0.4 l/unit

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