Geotex is a non-woven geotextile made of polypropylene. In waterproofing applications, it acts as a separation fleece protecting the waterproofing membrane and Insu® Foam from damage by screed. In PlanterCell® Urban Greenery systems, its high permeability allows water to flow relatively freely acting as a filter layer to prevent the planting media from getting into the water reservoirs / sub-surface drainage systems. It also serves to hydrate the roots of plants continuously via capillary action drawing water from the reservoirs.

Geotex is acid resistant, can withstand alkalis and biological attack and is environmentally friendly. It can adapt to irregular surfaces.


Waterproofing applications with Insu®Foam,

PlanterCell® urban greenery systems,

Storm Water management systems.


Product Geotex
  Tiêu chuẩn Giá trị
Tensile Strength (kN/m) ASTM D 4595 11.0
Elongation (%) ASTM D 4595 40/65
Resistance Puncture CBR (N) ASTM D 6241 1700
Water Permeability (l/m2/s) ASTM D 4491 150
HoleRe Size 090 (micron) ASTM D 4751 115
Weight (g/m2 +/-5%) ASTM D 5261 145
Pack Size 4mx250m
Color White