• The EverRich Infinity
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Palm has become a prestigious partner specializing in providing green solutions for many projects of Coteccons, the number 1 contractor in Vietnam. This time at The EverRich Infinity District 5 project in Ho Chi Minh City, we handed over 2660m2 GrasCell DC30 roof garden drainage panels and 190m2 GrasCell GP40 plastic plates to grass for parking. Products imported directly from Singapore by Palm, ingredients that contain anti-UV agents help to increase life expectancy outdoors. The product has been certified by environment Council and Green Building Council in Singapore as a green product. In addition to draining and protecting the waterproofing layer, GrasCell DC30 also helps to reduce the load on the roof, which avoids flooding on rainy days, improves thermal insulation and sound insulation.

    Product: GrasCell DC30 

    Material: Recycle PP

    Size: 500x500x30mm

    Compressive Strength: 130 tones/m2

    Water Discharge: 16.5 l/m2.s

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