Madla-Revheim Masterplan Proposal


MVRDV and Space Group are one of three teams who have been asked to submit a masterplan proposal for the Norwegian town of Madla-Revheim, the main development area outside of Stavanger. This commission aims to develop a model of sustainable growth that treats development principles, transportation systems, and built structures as parts of a whole. In this proposal, MVRDV and Space Group propose concentrating 4,000 housing units on the edge of the 780-acre site, preserving the heart of the development for open, green space, public programs, and sports facilities.

  • Architects: MVRDV, Space Group

  • Location: Stavanger, Norway

  • Client: Stavanger Kommune

Due to the booming offshore industry, the region has doubled its population since 1950 and continues to grow rapidly. Currently, Stavanger/Sandnes has the second-largest growth rate in the country. This makes urban densification both a necessity and a desire. 


Madla Revheim is positioned at the point where the urban and the rural meet, the area seems perfectly suited to set a new example for how sustainable growth can be facilitated in the Stavanger region.


Identifying two clearly defined zones – a green zone and an urban zone – allows concentrating development along the perimeter of the site to realize the collective quality of a large scale common space, a recognizable quality at the heart of the development: Madla’s Green.


The development avoids the equal distribution of the program and realizes ‘green’ and ‘urban’ that strengthen each other in a symbiotic manner. It answers the site conditions that define an ideal zone for housing on the perimeter and the development of an open green area in the central area. This allows for the development of a unique character that combines the inserted urban qualities with the existing rural qualities.


Reference: Karissa Rosenfield. "Madla-Revheim Masterplan Proposal / MVRDV + Space Group" 07 May 2013. ArchDaily.<> ISSN 0719-8884


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