• La Villa Green City - Tran Anh Group
    Image © PALM Landscape


    The green arrays in the urban core are connected by an invisible link, the consistency in the space, the harmony of the paving materials, the green carpet and the accent colors. The bridge is like a golden silk, soft in the wind, on the banks of the Vam Co Tay River is the most unique feature of the urban area, giving pedestrians an emotional change when walking from under the bridge. The array of trees intertwined, the view overlooking the open and closed river, peeked out until reaching the highest view point, the emotions burst with an airy, majestic and very poetic scene. The shape of the bridge is stylized from the image of layers of natural trees, striking colors on the background of evergreen trees, combined with the dark light design to create impressive visual effects.

    Client: Tran Anh Group

    Location: Tan An, Long An, Vietnam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Concept Design

    Area: 1.5 ha

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