• Phuc An City - Tran Anh Group
    Image © PALM Landscape


    The park landscape has some features of Japanese nature with the perfect blend of water, rock, terrain and vegetation. The array of purple rose flowers along the promenade represents the cherry blossoms, standing out against the background of evergreen vegetation to create unique visual effects. The Japanese garden element is further emphasized with the image of the Torii gate - a cultural feature of Japanese culture placed at key locations of the park, leading pedestrians to explore, enjoy and open up the view. overlooking a stunning lakefront view. Japanese elements such as stone lamps, natural stone blocks, lawns, and huts in the meticulous and careful spirit of the Japanese are arranged delicately, blending with the landscape into a unified body. The main highlight of the project is the riverside landscape tower which is designed with a more modern shape, providing excellent views of the Melaleuca forest across the river and surrounding urban areas.

    Client: Tran Anh Group

    Location: Long An, Vietnam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Concept Design

    Area: 2.5 ha

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