• Nam Tu Liem Park
    Image © PALM Landscape


    The design idea is to form a park that plays a role as the green lung of the urban area combining public service and diverse outdoor activities. It brings in a modern entertainment space for people in the area

    To be impressed and increase the aesthetics, the design of the park’s landscape towards the value of identity with the image of the central water surface is the lotus with flower petals blooming, spreading to the surrounding, and connecting with the performances of other activities in the park.

    Green trees are planted in parks with various types, shapes, colors, flower carpets, colored carpets. The whole park is divided into the following areas:

    • Area of Bamboo square
    • Multi-purpose service area
    • Children’s entertainment area
    • Area of Plum Hill
    • Sports and Exercises area
    • Area of Stage hill
    • Meditation and Yoga practice area
    • Star square area

    Client: Mai Linh Investment - MIK Group

    Location: Le Quang Dao, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Concept design, Detailed design

    Area: 15 ha

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