• Tropical Garden
    Image © PALM Landscape

    Tropical Garden

    PALM designed this garden in 2019, bringing a tropical style, notably a playground with many different colors to create a multi-layered effect, although still flat, this form fits well with the steps staggered multi-layer level.

    A water feature with a circular tub of water spilled gently down the first stone step and dripping onto the second stone step and then flowed in soft ditches and dripping into the below pool.

    A natural swimming pool, surrounded by greenery like you can fall into a lake when you are in the rainforest, an attractive water element.

    In the garden, multi-layer tree species and even vines spread out, and the dense tree density creates a beautiful tropical garden. In addition to the small leafy plants, some varieties of Alocasia plant, Banana plant, and Phrynium plant with full foliage are great highlights; the wide canopy varieties will make the space more colorful and full of vitality.

    This is a design that provides outdoor living space, encouraging people to spend more time outside interacting with nature.

    Location: Ha Noi - Viet Nam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Landscape design

    Area: 600 m2

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