• An Hung Urban Area
    Image © PALM Landscape


    With the desire to create a smart and environmentally friendly urban model, An Hung urban area will be one of the important urban architectural areas of Ha Dong District, in which high-rise buildings and green landscape areas such as La Khe river and green corridors in the residential area will be critical highlights. High-rise combinations with functions of trade, service, finance, banking, stock market, entertainment, office to work, the high-class and modern house will be designed along two roadsides of Le Van Luong street with the height from 35 floors to 50 floors as the main highlight to attract all visions. The trees here are organized on the ground and the high-rise roof.

    Along La Khe River, the banks are planted with grasses and shade trees. Walking and cycling routes are arranged along the river.

    The main open space for the entire urban area is entirely new. It is connected with high-rise buildings and low-rise areas. The landscape line stretches among the center, including water systems, green trees, attractive community living spaces.

    Client: An Hung Urban., Jsc

    Location: Ha Dong, Hanoi city

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Planning 1/500 scale

    Area: 31.5 ha

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