• The Urban Eco-Tourism
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Take advantage of the existing geographical advantages to develop unique tourism and service activities, regional characteristics and increase the effectiveness of investment value, etc. Modern and comfortable living space mixed with the natural landscape to improve the quality of life and create a civilized community with strategies as follows:

    Smart urban planning: Maintain restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems; the landscape structure features new urban development.

    Clean and peaceful environment: An ecological population that is attractively integrated, where potential investors and families are always eager to settle.

    The convergence of rivers: Lam River, Vinh River, Moc River, and river branches play an essential role in connecting the space of values to harmonize life for the urban area where the main activities, public spaces, squares towards there.

    Journey to discover: doing globe-trotting on the boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery, meeting and finding out culture.

    Organizing tours: Visiting tourist attractions, historical monuments, pagodas, or participating in community-based tourism activities on both banks, singing folk songs, gastronomy, etc.

    The leverage to develop along the river: Real estate along the river with the advantage of a fresh environment, ideal habitat, closing to nature always brings different values ​​compared to other types of real estate.

    Client: T&T Group

    Location: Vinh City, Vietnam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Planning 1/500

    Area: 520 ha

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