• Cau Treo International border gate
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Cau Treo International Border Gate plays a crucial strategic role in socio-economic development and security and defense of Ha Tinh Province, particularly in the North Central provinces in general. At the same time, it is located in the middle position of big cities in Hanoi - Hue - Vientiane, so Cau Treo international border gate is a convenient place to exchange and promote cooperation between Vietnam and Laos and Thailand, Myanmar. Being the shortest border gate so that Laos and other countries in Greater Mekong Sub-region toward the East Sea and develop relations with ASEAN countries, China, Europe, Australia, and North America through a cluster of Vung Ang – Duong Son deep water port.

    Located at the end of Highway 8A, the study area has a rather complex terrain with high slope, rugged hills, and mountains. Cau Tre border gate and it is located at a high position with elevation > 650m has been leveled each step, it is a wide valley surrounded by mountains, old forests are relatively intact with the water surface landscape system which benefit for tourism exploitation. The view from above can cover a large area.

    The idea of ​​the project uses a solution of high-density urban structure, leaning against the flank, surrounding the square, and the central market. We are creating spatial connections between different terrain platforms and an impressive, friendly, and busy living space. Building the area becomes one-stop with commercial activities, entertainment, and excellent services of control activities at the border gate. The spatial organizational structure includes the area of the integrated control gate; Trade Centre of the border gate; Market quarters; Hotel area; services of western guesthouse “mountain town”; Housing area for officers and soldiers; Area for checking goods and bonded warehouses; the gas station.

    The project proposed a planning solution to build a national gateway area and a modern international trade center, promoting its characteristics to create a regional identity and develop towards sustainability.

    Investor:  Management Border Gate International Cau Treo

    Location: Ha Tinh Province, Viet Nam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Planning 1/500 scale

    Area: 26ha

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