• Lac Viet Sea Ecotourism Area
    Image © PALM Landscape


    The project has excellently won the Silver Award in the landscape design category of the National Architectural Award 2018. The award ceremony was held in Vung Tau City on April 19, 2019; the event will record achievements of Palm highlight in creating a sustainable living environment where people integrate with nature.

    Landscape structure in the form of stretching along the Northeast - Southwest axis creates a unique characteristic for Lac Viet marine eco-urban area. The advantage of being the water axis is the center throughout the urban area; it spreads out both sides by perpendicular traffic axes and connections. Functional areas and utilities follow the main water space, facilitating the development of a large open space for the whole area.

    Street-cape design in projects plays an essential role in forming visual images, helping to succeed in visual experience. The design of the street landscape in the Lac Viet project is a critical strategic element that allows the success of a sustainable city.

    Public space is one of the crucial elements of a livable city. It has various benefits to urban lives and can enhance the well-being of people.

    Client: DRH Holding

    Location: Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Concept Design - Detailed design

    Area: 73 ha

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