Breathing Life into Urban Design


We would all love to live, work, and entertaining areas that stay within their ecological limits and while not possible at the time of writing. There are urban design companies, working for private and public clients striving to create highly liveable communities and neighborhoods. This visionary type of design is currently being rolled out in many countries globally, with green gentrification becoming much more common in towns and cities across Australia.

Steps are also being taken across the developed world to make communities more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists rather than vehicles. At the center of these green design, initiatives are urban design companies who are constantly researching and developing innovative models to produce and sustain more environmentally friendly areas for living and working.

Joined-up Working Practices

Whereas in previous years, each engineering or landscaping discipline would more or less work independently of each other, the new green design initiatives are effectively forcing these different arms of expertise to work together to produce high quality and greener results.  Today it is becoming more common than ever to see construction engineers, landscape designers, and building contractors working together for the greater good.

Landscape Architecture and Urban Designers such as Palm, are at the forefront of such collaborations and actively encourage all parties to work together to produce the desired result and ultimately bring the design vision to life.

Regeneration of Parks and Public Spaces

It’s not just living and working environments undergoing a radical change to make them more sustainable; the regeneration of parks and public spaces are also ongoing throughout Australia and the wider world. Far from being the concrete jungles of 30 years ago, landscape designers and construction engineers deliver high-quality leisure areas that people can enjoy and take a breath of fresh air! About Australian landscaping and urban design, Canberra is said to be one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world.

This not to say that all parks and public areas are devoid of any man-made structures completely, but they are more subtle and designed to compliment and blend in with the natural environment.

Future Aspirations for Green Urban Design

As the development and initiatives for sustainable urban design grow, there are many sustainability goals that Australian companies are working towards. Although not all of the goals apply to landscape urban design, many of them are interconnected and impact upon one another.

Palm is an international landscape, urban design, and planning firm serving clients across Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. They are committed to improving the environments where people work, live and play and strive to enable positive change in the communities where they are commissioned for a project.

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