Parque 6 de Junio - Safe Public Space


The "Parque 6 de Junio" is a project carried out with a methodology that aims to emphasize the socio-environmental conditions of the place. The objective is to transform this public space into a tool to combat insecurity, violence, disorder, and unhealthiness. This park aims to become a space of distraction for the community, with all the facilities for people of all ages. The park will benefit 16,000 residents of the sector.

  • Architects: Alcaldía de Quito (EPMMOP)

  • Location: Marqueza de Solanda, Quito, Ecuador

  • Architects in Charge: Juan Andrés Salas and Ana María Cabezas

  • Area: 14000.0 m2

  • Project Year: 2018

The park design process had the community's participation, who were called to different activities to establish the problem and needs of the space to intervene. Socializations, exploratory marches, and workshops were part of the activities that were carried out before the construction of this public space, in turn, generated a starting point of appropriation of the project.



The park makes use of different resources to preserve the environment. The incorporation of natural roads, not only respects and recalls old trails used by park users, but also allows the operation of a natural drainage system, where surface runoff waters return to the ground. The use of native vegetation, infiltration ditches, low consumption sanitary batteries, solar lighting, and the conservation of existing trees are part of this project's contribution to the environment.


As a design strategy and in recognition of the site (topography and vegetation), it makes use of the small topographic reliefs of the park, of an old cycling circuit, to generate different user experiences. This pre-existing condition allows the development of small hills that create entertainment spaces such as slides, tarabitas, and climbing walls.



Reference: "Parque 6 de Junio - Safe Public Space / (EPMMOP)" [Espacio Público Seguro Parque 6 de Junio / Alcaldía de Quito (EPMMOP)] 04 Dec 2018. ArchDaily. <> ISSN 0719-8884

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