• The Water Garden
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Entering from the main gate of the house, we will see a wooded grape plant with shade and a highlight when viewed from outside. Leading us through each open and closed space of the landscape, through every level of emotion to the lobby of the house, this place has the widest view to enjoy and see the landscape around the house.

    The core value of the garden is a large aquarium, on which we create tree islands naturally with water music sound. A garage has a roof garden with a lawn to relax. A wooden frame cottage with a leaf roof, located close to the water's edge, takes shape from tropical resorts. With this space homeowners can receive guests, relax with friends and family. Behind the wooden hut is a wide flat grass that is a play area for adults and children and many big shade trees, as a backdrop for the entire garden. People living in this space are immersed in nature, flooded with wind and water with green trees. Come, admire and feel our design.

    Client: An Phat Trading and Investment Company

    Location: Thanh Hoa city, Viet Nam

    Design: Plam Landscape

    Work: Concept design, Detailed design

    Area: 530 m2

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