Wenzhou Central Park Culture Club / Lacime Architects


The project is located at Sanyou Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, just one road from the city axis of "City Government - Century Square". The land is long and narrow, backed by high-rise residential quarters and facing the green axis park. In the same position as this billboard, an R&F Central Park Club will be built to be used as a living room and cultural display in the city.

  • Architects: Lacime Architects

  • Location: Xinghua Rd, Lucheng Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China

  • Architect in Charge: Zhaoqing Song

  • Design Team: Ziyuan Chu, Dan Guo, Yuge Wang, Jichang Nie

  • Area: 1753.2 m2

  • Project Year: 2018

The building is poised to conform to the dynamic trend of the green axis, starting from the orientation facing the sky and planning the future scenery for the existing and the high points.


At the corner of the street, unlike the practice of flooding with commercial activities and advertisements, the building opened an angle that might have been closed by a cantilever with more than 10 meters, capturing the city's landscape for the inner courtyard and providing a peephole for passers-by to interact with the process of being watched dramatically.


Along the street, the intention of rocks is presented through sculptural forms, forming an unusual interface for places where people travel, breaking the same pattern. Landmark effect will attract more people to inject vitality into the place. The building itself has become the watcher of the bridge scenery, incorporating the green axis's impression.


A piece of paper is cut and folded to form a continuous skin and space. Such an approach formally eliminates the boundary between walls and roofs and minimizes the impact of partitions and columns on space's fluidity.  Of course, this also puts forward unconventional requirements for the structure and curtain wall design.



The solid wall that runs through the west side of the whole building serves as the main shear wall to support it. The toilet area is designed as a cylindrical shear wall. Besides, three steel columns are concealed inside the stone curtain wall, and only one column in the room is exposed and used for modeling. 


The secondary structure system adopts a combination of steel structure and curtain wall joist, and the facade glass curtain wall and roof aluminum plate share L - shaped curtain wall joist with a 250 * 60 mm lattice column section.  The concept of curtain wall design was introduced at the beginning of structural design, which saved structural cost and simplified component size.


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