GrasCell RC550 is a high-strength tree root protection and pavement system which is manufactured from recyclene and its unique modular design allow flexible configuration to suit different site conditions.

GrasCell RC550 forms a porous structural skeletal monolithic matrix that provides generous growth zone for healthy root development and on-site storm water management through absorption, evapotranspiration, and interception. The structural skeletal framework is able to withstand high pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads; protecting the delicate tree roots from damages by these loads.


  • High compression strength to support enormous vertical as well as lateral loads
  • Excellent modular strength
  • Modular design to facilitate simple and fast installation
  • Large growth zones for healthy root development
  • Customizable height between decks permit common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems to be installed within the matrix spaces
  • Stackable design permit volume reduction for freight and lower transport costs
  • Made from recycled material


Product GrasCell RC550
Material Recycled PP
Height (mm) 38
Width (mm) 550
Length (mm) 550
Standard Deck Height (mm) 400 500 600
Compressive Strength mPa


1.027 0.992
tonnes/m2 110.61 104.69 101.16
Colour Black