Insu®Jac is a lightweight, adjustable pedestal level raising system designed to replace the traditional method of raising the floor level. The system consists of a base, body, cover and spacer with options to raise the level to various heights up to 1,500mm with an “extender” and alignment of stone or wooden decking elements.

The base, body and cover are all single piece injection mouldings manufactured from 50% recycled PP, offering high compressive strength for various height combinations. PVC pipes are used as extenders.

Insu®Jac is suitable for various decking material ranging from timber, tiles,traditional stringer and plank, natural stone, composites to concrete. The number of Insu® Jac required is based on the specified live and dead loads of the platform and its’ designed configuration.


Product Insu Jac
Material Recycled PP



Double Body (Top) (mm) 39
Double Body (Centre) (mm) 33
Body (with Extender) (mm) 80
Body (mm)


Base 35 (mm)


Base 45 (mm) 45
Compressive Load (kg/unit) 6440