Insu® Slab is a patented pre-fabricated, lightweight, composite slab made of high strength mortar and polyurethane foam board. It is used on concrete roof decks as a thermal insulating medium, protection slab for underlying waterproofing membrane, and incorporates a water drainage system. It is also foot trafficable.

The slab consists of a high strength cement outer casing with a polyurethane foam core that provides excellent thermal insulation properties. A series of 25 stumps on the underside of the slab creates a medium to drain water and vent any residual moisture, minimizing water stagnation and relieving pressure on the slab from underneath. The stumps also ensure stability of the slab for foot traffic.

This is a certified “Green Product” by the Singapore Green Building Council.


  • Pre-fabricated and modular
  • Incorporate thermal insulation
  • Incorporate water drainage
  • Improves on-site productivity considerably
  • Reduce on-site construction time
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install and non-destructive maintenance
  • Cost savings - logistics, storage, installation
  • Allow for formation of graphic patterns on roof
  • Result in a consistent and better quality roof
  • Improve housekeeping


Product Insuslab

hight strength mortar + Polyurethane Foam

SGBC*** Green Product Yes
Height (mm) 50
Width (mm) 500
Length (mm) 500
Weight (kg)


Compressive Strengthn (kN/m²) ~2436

Thermal Conductivity (PU Foam) (W/m.oK)