• Urban East Boulevard Bac Nam
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Design documents of ideas are made based on studying the structure of traditional and ancient urban areas. It means that intermingling all spaces and without boundaries among decentralization. We propose two options with a flexible urban structure creating vitality for the community to create a habitat for the rich and the poor to integrate and interact, thereby creating sustainable vitality for urban areas.

    In addition to public lands according to the standard and some critical commercial and service land plots, all other plots are land plots of complex urban mixed with residence, service, office, etc. How many rates of types of row houses, villas, offices, etc. in each quarter depends on the investor and the market demand.

    Client: EITC Company

    Location: Thanh Hoa city, Viet Nam

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Design concept planning 1/500 scale

    Area: 60ha

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