• Van Gia Town
    Image © PALM Landscape


    Located in Van Phong Bay General Economic Zone with port services, tourism, urban and industrial ... The town is strongly influenced in the formation and development of economic zones. With the aim of exploiting the advantages of location, potential development of natural landscape values, especially the landscape of Van Phong Bay, the project has planned and developed solutions with developed areas: urban areas center; urban landscape in the area of ​​the river, Luong River, Ba Be River, ...; area of ​​ecotourism services; mangrove ecological area; industrial zone development ... Establish internal and external boundaries for each functional area to determine the identity value of each zone and at the same time link the regions together by transportation system as well as natural landscape .

    Open spaces play an especially important role in coastal cities, square systems, water plants, and cruise terminals that incorporate indigenous cultures as attractive destinations for tourism. 

    Investor: Khanh Hoa Department of Construction

    Location: Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province

    Design: Palm Landscape

    Work: Planning 1/5000 scale

    Area: 2696.2 ha

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